About YOLO Helena

Every Day is An Adventure

I’m a 25 year old girl, who spontaneously left a solid London career back in Jan 2015 to travel the world with boyfriend, Sam, of 1 month! Crazy hey!?

2 years on I’m happy to report he hasn’t yet chucked me off of any planes or gotten mad due to me forever losing my possessions (e.g. I once lost 6 driving licences in a year).

We spent months slowly travelling through the Americas; meeting inspirational locals, trying any sports and activities we could get our hands on and seeking to learn as much as possible about the wonderful world we have around us.

Although I feel I’ve learnt one heck of a lot, there is still a lot left I’m excited to explore. We’re currently living in Sydney which has been an absolutely incredible city to settle in for a while.


Where did YOLO come from?

Turning 21 meant Uni was coming to an end for my housemates and I. We would leave our University City of Cardiff and the amazing opportunities we had around us (and precious time left with each other). Therefore we wrote up a list of activities to accomplish during our last 4 months together. We even separated them into ‘boozing’, ‘culture’ and other categories. An organised bunch.

Similarly, my housemates and I did this in London and my boyfriend and I have a similar board in our house in Sydney.

The ‘YOLO’ philosophy has stuck and I live by it every day. Not in just the sense that ‘since you only life once, that means I should buy a one way ticket to Thailand today and get wrecked on the plane’ but a more long-term philosophy that, since I will only live once….

‘I want to live an extremely high energy, fun and healthy life every day, constantly trying new things, meeting new people and making the world that tiny bit better whilst doing so’. 


Opening My Mind

Travelling has opened my mind so much …. I’ve really come to appreciate that I only get one chance on this planet. There is so much I want to experience and places I want to see. Also, I’ve become passionate about our environment, health and finding efficiencies to decrease poverty, which, I absolutely believe is possible.


A Witty Twitty

Finally, I like to think I’m witty, fun and always up for a giggle, which I hope comes through in my posts 😉

Always happy to chat/answer any questions: helenawilton@hotmail.com