5 Yoga Poses with Magical Benefits

My first ever yoga class was horrific. I was about 13 and went along with my sister who had recently taken it up as a sport (she’s naturally good at all this kind of stuff – flexible, dance etc).

Then I parked the idea of becoming a yogi for a good few years…about 10 in fact.

Aged 22, I was living in London myself, working in quite a high pressured sales environment, I felt the desire to take up a ‘less sporty’ activity. Also, I was forever suffering with tight ITB’s so I head off to re-ignite my yoga fire…

4 years later and I’m totally in love with everything about yoga – the leggings, the relaxation, the people….officially now call myself a ‘yogini’ (female version of a yogi!)

These are a few of my favourite poses and reasons why:

  1. Headstand (Sirasana)


  • Firstly, they are so much fun! Originally I got quite anxious going upside down but then as I got used to it, I began exploring variations.
  • Headstands are awesome for core strength (when done properly) and seeing as a lot of blood rushes to your head, it provides a whoooosh of nutrients and makes you feel so alive! Therefore I try and do one every morning.

2. Half Pidgeon


  • If you do a lot of running/sports using your legs, this one is a great help to stretch out your hips
  • You can vary the intensity by moving your front leg forward or back, depending on the day
  • Also a really good stress reliever and if you get to the right ‘not too instense’ stretch level, it can be somewhat relaxing and enjoyable



Crow pose


  • Building strength – core and upper body
  • Focus & concentration
  • Many variations you can try (side crows, in to headstand, jump back to chaturanga…if only I could do that!)
  • Other benefits include helping with heartburn and increasing the flexibility of the spine


Forward fold


  • Stetching the hips, hamstrings and calves
  • Calms the mind and nerves
  • Relieves back tension



  • Improves flexibility of the back
  • Leg and arm strength
  • Focus
  • Core and back strength



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