6 Best Health Related Documentaries

  1. What The Health: 5*

 Recently has come to Netflix! Amazing documentary showing the hidden truths behind charities, the government and the food industries in relation to health 

2. Food Inc: 4* 

Really good insight into how big businesses have set up the food industry – how have they cheapened food? How have they sped up production? 

3. Earthlings: 5*

Harrowing but honest. It’s only right that we educate ourselves on how the world works right?!

4. Forks over Knives: 4*

This film has had phenomenal press. Really delves into the incorrect interpretations we have about what is healthy.

5. Fat, sick and nearly dead: 3*

Although a really good watch I found the way it was filmed a bit annoying, probably just my personal preference though! 

Watching a guy lose a hell of a lot of weight over the course of the film but not sure I would advocate juice fasting.

6. Food Matters: 5*

Exposes information on additives, malnutrition, pharmaceutical companies etc. Loved all the super knowledgable interviewees in this film.
If I was to pick one of those it would definitely be ‘What the health’, it’s the most recent too xxx


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