10 Quick, Cheap ‘N Easy Vegan Meals

Figuring out how you can make an animal product free meal with minimal effort and stress can seem daunting. I get it!

Therefore, here are some of my most simple yet yummy and nutritious recipes that you can have on hand…these are all steals. There are so so many good recipes out there, however it can be hard to figure out which will actually be easy….

  1. Sweet Potato Korma

This recipe is ridiculously tasty. Probably my most cooked dish over the past year and I’ve made it for several guests, who have all loved it…


2. Falafels

Add them to any dish for a munchy texture

3. Avo on toast

Simple dish which allows you to be creative….add tomatoes, asparagus, chilli, hummus to make it into a full meal.

This is what our lovely friend Hannah cooked for us post-run one Saturday.

Rainbow Thai Salad with Tempeh

This sauce is unreallll


Sweet potato Toast

Make it sweet or savoury….


Curry – Warming Winter Styleee

I loooove Deliciouslly Ella recipes. Her first book was one of my favourite presents. Now need to get the next two


Sweet Potato Wedges

….with your sandwich




Simple Pankakes.

Can be made with just flour of your choice e.g. Oat/buckwheat, plant based milk and a mashed banana!

Stuffed dates.

Grab some squishy style dates (my favourite is medjool) and a jar of nut butter. Open each date up and spoon your nut butter inside.

Maybe even finish off with a sprinkling of cinnamon or cacao on top.

Ideally eat after placing in the fridge for 20 mins or more.


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