Blue Zones

What is a Blue Zone?

A pocket of the world where people reach age 100 far more often than other a areas. Even more importantly though they live healthier lives at this age and suffer from far less sickness than anywhere else in the world – many live very active lives in their 90’s and beyond!

These blue zone populations suffer from only a small fraction of killer diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc) than americans..

History of Longevity

Ponce de Leon’s legendary search for the fountain of youth is one of the many tales showing humans have been on a search to extend aging for years.

Scientific studies suggest that approcimatly 25% of how long we live for is dictated by genes (research done on Danish twins) and the remaining 75% on lifestyle.

Leading Killers Include;

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Diabetes

Find a full list of the world’s top killers in Dr. Michael Greger’s book, ‘How Not to Die’ He explains really well about why these are so prevalent in our woerld and how we can avoid.

What do the ‘Blue Zone’ areas have in common?

  1. Sense of connectedness – makes people feel worthwhile
  2. Staying active, even in old age
  3. Smoking prematurely ages skin and makes people feel older
  4. People thrive on a sense of being valued, cared for and felt like they are liked

Some Examples of Blue Zone Areas:

Okinawa, Japan

  • 300% more okinawans reach age 100 than Americans
  • They suffer from 80% less heart disease
  • Eat a 97% plant based diet

Ikaria, Greece

  • Their diet consists mainly of; lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, potatoes
  • They enjoy organic red wine, late-night domino games and relaxed pace of life that ignores clocks.
  • Clean air, warm breezes and rugged terrain draw them outdoors into an active lifestyle.

Loma Linda, California:

  • They eat lots of fruit, nuts and very little animal products
  • Most are involved in community projects and they exercise a lot!


  • Key features of their people include; putting your family first and the women are strong
  • In the US there is about 1 centenarian per 5000 people but a study done on a village in Sardina found 7 in a population of 2500, that’s 14x more 100 + year olds than America!!

My take out: Wouldn’t it be amazing to be like Frank Shearer, out water skiing at 99!?





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