Kyoto Kraziness

I spent a week in Kyoto and jam packed it with activities. I also stayed in the most wonderful hostel here and ate at ammmmazing restaurants, so I want to pass on the knowledge in case it is useful for anybody planning a trip to Japan!

Here are my highlights…

Iwatayama Monkey Mountain

Not overly touristy as the monkeys seem to be pretty happy. Also, a lovely river area close by you can walk around.



Len hostel was hands down the best hostel I’ve ever been recommended. Everything about it is perfect: super comfy beds, amazing kitchen, downstairs cafe which turns into a bar later on.

We also stayed for one night in a Spa hostel (as Len has fully booked). I would no way recommend over Len, however, the spa was pretty fancy and lovely…as with any Japanese spa nudity is a must 😉


Kyoto is full of them. I’d definitely say beware that they won’t be as untouched as in the photos you may see before visiting. We were there in quiet season and all the major shrines were jam packed and hard to get a picture without a handful of tourists in the background.

Regardless, they are clearly very beautiful places.My favourites were Fushimi-Inari

and the Golden Palace


Buddhist lunch in a temple. Got pretty tofu-d out but it was all delicious, authentic and a beautiful setting…

Hipster miso soup place. Really simple, a few different flavours to choose from. We even got asked by the owner if she could take a photo of us for her Facebook page. Now we’re famous in the miso soup world.

All sorts of fermented, soupy and rice esque things at Morpho cafe…

Tofu cheesecake at Matsuontoko cafe…

Have a wonderful time in K-town xxx


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