3 Weeks in Japan 

Hellloooo Guyzies,

Since quite a few people have asked me about my itinerary for Japan and since it is such an amazing country I hope many of my friends will look to explore, I’ve written up a summary below….ENJOY 😀

Ironically, I actually arrived in Japan barely an itinerary. Not even a place booked for the first night in Tokyo. However, I met a great Aussie girl who built together a complete plan for us a few days into our trip, what a babe!

So this is what we got up to…

Days 1-4 Tokyo

Like pretty much any capital city you could stay here for weeks and not even scratch the surface.


  • Nui hostel: best hostel I’ve EVER stayed in! Also, there are plenty of capsule style accommodations, we did that for a few nights too.

  • Running around the Imperial palace perimiter

  • Check out a local ‘onsen’ (public baths), but be warned, if you’re not starkers and give yourself a thorough wash in front of everyone before you dip, you’ll be in trouble. Experienced trouble maker giving this advice.

Every meal was amazing!


Days 5-7: The Alps

This was suprisingly my priority for our Japan trip. Why? I saw on a few blogs I read pre-trip pictures of cute little snow monkeys and beautiful scenery.

Although we didn’t quite find these cuties in the Alps we did find beautiful monkey’s later in our trip in Kyoto.

My highlights:

  • Takayama old town
  • Day walks without ANY tourists
  • My favourite shrines (partly because they were tourist free)
  • Autumn leaves 

  • The most snuggly hostel called Sora-Ama


Days 8-10: Osaka

This wasn’t on our original plan as I prefer to spend longer in fewer places than try to rush around things and not really know what’s what.

However, plans changed since we decided to visit the Pilgrim Trail next in our trip, resulting in us spending two lovely days in Osaka.

My highlights:

  • The food

  • Dotonburi at nighttime 

  • Day trip to Minoo where we walked lots and chatted to locals


Days 11-13: The Pilgrim Trail

I hadn’t even heard of this trekking route before we arrived in Japan, however, I’m so so glad we met the people we did who encouraged us to visit this beauuuutiful area.


  • Best ramen of my life

  • Gorgeous, untouched trekking routes


Days 14-18: Kyoto


  • The shrines

  • Array of amazing veggie restaurants to choose from e.g. Veg Out


Days 19-21: Hiroshima


  • The peace museum to learn about the absolutely horrendous A bomb
  • Close proximity of everything….we walked everywhere

  • Cute air bnb units to rent – everything you could need and so efficiently compact

  • Mijaya island for the day

Days 21-25: Back to Tokyo

See the highlights in my earlier mention of Tokyo 🙂

Kissies xxx




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