Blue Mountains, Sydney

I’ve been to the Blue Mountains 3 times already since living in Sydney and planning to go again next week with my gf’s, so clearly I love it there! Amazing natural beauty, tonnes of different walks to do and cute villages to explore.

Each time we’ve set off on an adventure there I’ve done a good bit of research beforehand to see the best route depending on how much time we have, what we want to see most and whether we want to have a picnic or go to a cafe (crucial to plan as my boyfriend considers 10 pieces of toast a standard mid afternoon snack, so need to keep him well fed!)

So here are the different routes I’ve taken and some pointers on each…


1st time: Katoomba -> Three Sisters -> Scenic World -> Katoomba (3.5 hours ish walking)

Taking the 2 hour train from Central to Katoomba we walked from the train station to ‘the three sisters’ viewpoint, which takes about 30 mins.

The view here is pretty spectacular albeit rather touristy. We then walked along the cliff tops for about an hour or two to scenic world. The paths were pretty quiet but it was a rainy day so that may have been why.


Scenic would was disappointing in my eyes…tacky tourist rides. I’d heard it offers ‘the world’s steepest railway’ but thought it looks more like a themepark ride than a train. However, we didn’t pay for a pass so I can’t comment on whether the actual rides are good!


The rain was pouring hard and the temperatures are a lot cooler than Sydney so we were pretty drenched and freezing walking back to Katoomba.

The Yellow Deli was our saviour – hot fires, banana bread and delicious quirky hot drinks selection. Highly recommend! Aparantly the workers are part of a cult, spooky ay ay?

On this walk there were points where we could have taken buses to reduce walking time but that’s just not how we roll 😉


2nd Trip: Blackheath (4.5 hours ish walking)

On our next trip to the Bluey’s my boss reccomended we check out a walk in Blackheath area. WAW it was stunning!

13151617_10153538624536828_8105534308341081566_nAgain, we took the train to from Central, but this time to Blackheath. We then used Google maps to direct us to the start of the trails. We got extremely lost several times, had to ask locals for directions…we walked a hell of a lot and it was magical. Thank golly we had packed a good picnic!



Later during the day we met an older couple on our trail who took us under their wing as they knew we had several miles to walk back to the train station. It actually ended up to be a right adventure with them!

They took us for afternoon tea at a grand hotel, insisted on a cringey photo shoot and drove us to a nearby train station so we could get back to Sydney easily.


Regardless of the cringiness with the photos…I’m pretty grateful they took this one!


3rd Trip: Katoomba -> Three Sisters -> Leura Cascades-> Leura (3 hours ish walking )

On our most recent trip to BM we took Sam’s brother and this time we wanted to see Leura town and the cascades there so planned a route to allow for this.


We took the train from Central to Katoomba, again walking to the Three Sisters viewpoint to give our visitor the chance to take the standard tourist snaps. However this time we took off walking in the opposite direction than our first trip, along another absolutely spectacular trail all the way to Leura.

Lots of amazing view point stops offs en route, the cascades were wonderful and at the end of the trail we stopped in Leura town for lunch at a lovely cafe called Rubyfruit. Their plant based cheesecake was unreal!

Leura was a really cute village to walk around…we had a long wait for the next train (I advise planning your return train time more than we did if you’re in a hurry!)

Can’t wait for another BM trip next week wahoooooo who knows which area we will venture to next xxx



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