Dreamy Noosa

I love Byron Bay. Beautiful beaches, chilled out vibe, loads of great food. However, I think the sleepier seaside town of Noosa may even top it. But, why???


Awesome little walks

We choose to take the half hour stroll up to the top of Mount Coolum, about 1 hour outside of Noosa. Spectacular views and we took a picnic which I’d really recommend doing as its one of the most idyllic munch spots I’ve found!



Sickkkk Air bnb

We stayed in this ridiculously cool Balinese style house with jacuzzi in room, pool in the garden and so many cool chill out areas. Just a shame we were too busy exploring Noosa to spend much time there! Air bnb always seems to win…..




Great for surfing

Suuuuup maaaan. Noosa is an awesome surf spot for all levels. We hit up a pro beach (jokes…we went to the beginners one) and there were tonnes of options. Also there is a really cute beach called Tea tree I was recommended by my surfer friend that we visited but it seemed like a bit of a challenge to get boards to… I’d love to check out for some surfing at Tea tree though next time 😉



The National Park

A lovely place to take some walks – we did a 3 hour ish one but there were trails of all different types and distances you can check out. Not many tourists and loads of cute doggies.



Fab Food

So much of it! Ok this is just a simple lunch we had (as I didn’t take pictures of other meals) but all the food we had was so yummy and fresh.


Can’t wait to get back here for more adventures xxx


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