As a sweet & innocent 16 year old travelling France with my school buddy Fizz, we met a couple of Aussie surfers (Nick and Jamie). They were fun, chilled and pretty sexy, needless to say, we happily hung out with them for a few days.


Fast forward 9 years and thank god for Facebook keeping us in contact, my boyfriend and I set off to stay with Nick in Adelaide, who I’d kept in good contact with over the past decade but had no idea if we’d still share the same humour and weirdness. Fortunately, he was even stranger and more fun than I recalled!


So, whilst things are still fresh in my mind, here are some of our best find in Adz…


  1. The wineries

We visited Mc Laren Vale, however there is also Barossa on the other side of Adelaide which I’ve heard is also beauuuutiful.

The wineries were incredible (my favourite was a super hipster one called Alpha, Box & Dice.) Their bottles are the prettiest I’ve ever seen, they were extremely generous with their tastings and the chill out areas were awesome. Also loved it that they don’t put eggs into their wine to speed up the process, which is a rarity these days.




This winery was called Coriole. Pretty classy (not sure we quite fit in!) and insane scenery.


We discovered some great breweries too…


There are hundreds of wineries in the region, I’d recommend checking out articles like this one to figure out which will best suit your time frame and the types you’re looking for.


2. Kangaroo Island (KI to the Aussies)

We took a 2 night trip over to the island (by ferry) as we’d heard it was ‘the Galapagos of Australia’. KI was pretty different from anything I’d experienced before as we drove for hours with barely seeing a car, the lands were untouched and the people we met were definitely interesting islanders 😉

The national park there was my highlight. Below is ‘remarkable rocks’ -I’ve never seen anything quite like it before…


I love this rock formation because it looks just like a piggy wiggy…


The sunrises on KI were mind blowing too….just like my fashion hey! 😉


Seeing as the beaches were pretty untouched, we saw some amazing nature:


13466101_10153636485266828_1028760353393691961_n (1).jpg


3. Park Run (South Beach)

Being the massive losers that we are, we wanted to get involved with the community 8am Saturday run of course.

It was the most gorgeous course, along the beach and then along a river. PB galore.

13516183_10153636485741828_1155844452871649323_n (1).jpg

13512170_10153636485476828_389169860561986208_n (1).jpg

If you’re planning a trip to the big AD, just hit me up with any questions 😀


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