My Favourite Place in the World

First off, where am I banging on about?!

The Galapagos islands – off of the coast of Ecuador.


Why did I go there?

As we were travelling through South America, we were coming across people near enough every day who claimed the Galapagos to be the best place they’d ever visited. Their stories of seeing wildlife, the beautiful landscapes and the fact that it may not be the way it is much longer meant we hopped onto holiday pirates and book some flights.


My Misconceptions (before visiting)

To be honest, I didn’t know much about the Galapagos until last year. I vaguely understood that it’s a great place to see nature but that’s about it!

I also thought the only way to have an amazing experience there would be to take a super pricey cruise trip. Again, I was very wrong.

Another thing I envisaged before going was islands which barely had electricity or running water, let alone schools, grand hotels and festivals. Once again, I was so incorrect.


What did I love about the Galapagos?

Travelling by ourselves and discovering nature without tours or commercialised beaches. On several days we grabbed our snorkels, hired some bikes and explored! We found our own beaches and swam with turtles, had penguins circling our feet and played with sea lions without even going into ‘official national parks’. Pretty damn magical!

12195928_10153173528016828_4506994434121581847_n (1).jpg

Cruise or DIY?!

I did look into cruises as originally I thought this was the only way to see the Galapagos. However, after speaking to a handful of people I worked out this is just one of the amazing ways to explore. I didn’t feel like going on a cruise as we’d recently done a group boat trip and instead preferred the idea of staying in air bnb’s and doing a mix of land + water based activities each day.

However, there are definitely great cruise options and I would 100% reccomend booking when you get to the island to save about 70%!!! Doing a cruise + self guided mix is probably the optimal decision, if your time suffices.


To mention just a few….

  1. The Tunnels

We did an insanely good guided snorkel trip at Los Tuneles….on this one trip we swam with white tip sharks, sting rays, manta rays, penguins, sea lions, penguins, sea horses, star fish, razor fish, turtles…..and on land saw beautiful blue footed booby’s, absolutely unreal.




2. Endless, untouched beaches

Empty of tourists. Full of wildlife.



3. Making friends with sea lions

Playful creatures which are the ‘dogs of the Galapagos’

12115631_10153173529636828_2883020884422172553_n (1).jpg

Email me with any Galapagos questions 😉 xxx


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