13 things I love about Colombia

Why did I go?

The reason I chose to visit Colombia is the same as the reason I choose to visit most places… my friends raved about it to me! Therefore I chose to spend 8 weeks there during Sept/Oct 2015 and although its a big statement to make, I feel it is my favourite country in the world (so far).


Something to get straight

There is a hell of a lot of misconceptions about big C – drugs, danger, corruption. If you’ve watched the likes of Narcos, you may be thinking the same. However, my experience here was nothing of that sort…I didn’t even get offered a drug once! Maybe I come across as prudish….I hope not 😀


So what is there to do in Colombia?

There are beautiful beaches to swim in, ancient ruins to trek to, colonial cities to wander through, mud baths to bathe in, gorgeous lakes to cycle to, Escobar mania to learn about…but the thing I loved most was the people. They are known to be the happiest & friendliest in the world. After meeting hundreds of Colombians during my 2 months there, I totally agree.


My Discoveries

So here are some little random bits and bobs which I discovered & adored in Columbz:

  1. Avo-maniaFor all avo lovers out there it’s an absolute dream. There are so many varieties and all are huuuuge.12038160_10153107537256828_3867260949512439617_n



2. £1 haircuts

and it was just as good as any I’ve paid 50x as much for!




3. Beach on one side, jungle on the other

This can be found in Tayrona National park. Really cool place to stay for a night but bring supplies as there isn’t much about!




4. Meeting indigenous tribal kiddos

We did this as part of the lost city trek (which I highly recommend). I personally found it an even more magical experience that the Inca trail/Machu Pichu, maybe because it was less commercialised.



Even the non-indigenous kiddos were awesome!




5. Riding on Pablo’s jet ski


…and hiding in his cupboard


all part of the Pablo Escobar tour. There are a few and many claim they will introduce you to his family. There is even one where apparently you go and make your own cocaine….;)

I’d recommend to check out Trip Advisor reviews beforehand.


6. Segway’ing through Cartagena

A gorgeous colonial city with endless cobbled streets, nice restaurants and beautiful ancient ruins to check out. I could spend dayyyyys there just wandering.




8. Having a MORGY (mud orgy)

Pretty unique experience! You even get your bikini taken off of you by a middle aged woman in the sea after and she very intimately washes you. Kind of strange.




9. Racing around big inflatables

Reliving those childhood memories. This was in Guatape…a little village close to Medellin.

12118957_10153120744306828_2904862656988415166_n (1).jpg


9. Oldies teaching me their crafts




10. The gorgeous abandoned pups.

Just like Colombians, they were very friendly and wanted snuggsies.



11. Trouble making

Getting a warning at the Colombian football match…oops.



12. Pretty, pretty houses

Unique to Guatape



13. Being taken paragliding by a 13 year old

We somehow got a bit of a rookie instructor. He took Sam for ‘acrobatics’, resulting in Sam puking all over him. Whoops!


So sooooo much fun to be had in Colombia xxx


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