Top 8 reasons for becoming a Sydney-siderrrr

I’ve been living in Sydney for almost 10 months and from the moment I landed I fell in love with the city.

Many, many friends have got in contact with me over the past year, asking for my thoughts on them moving here. Therefore I’ve compiled a list of why its a great place for a short stint, or to settle longer-term.


1. Weather

Just getting the most obvious one out of the way. Weather absolutely does affect the day to day lifestyle people lead. From my experience, good weather means ease…chuck on your shorts and flip flops, washing dries in minutes, endless outdoor activities…

In my opinion, beers on the beach or in the park beats sitting in a bar or your sofa.


Sydney winter is a bit like a cold British summer day. Basically, it’s never that cold here. I haven’t even needed to purchase a proper coat all winter. However, I have somehow inherited my boyfriend’s boss’ bomber jacket 😀


2. The Active Lifestyle

Getting up at 6am to run or go to yoga with a friend is the norm. The fitness vibe is contagious and there are endless beautiful beaches and parks to do your morning workout in. I’ve even found a new sport I love called padel – kind of a cross between squash & tennis. My friend Matt runs it in Sydney and will happily show newbies the ropes!



3. Transport

Before I moved here I heard the transport system wasn’t up to much. However, my experience has been great. 99% of journeys I get a seat, the standard trains have 2 floors, on a Sunday you can travel as much as you want for $2.50 (including ferries). This means day trips to national parks, the blue mountains, newcastle for (almost) free on Sunday.


4. The café culture

Ahhhhh the endless array of cute coffee shops, wanky lunch hang outs, raw cake cafe’s…the best selection I’ve seen in any city I’ve visited.

I love it that going for a coffee before work with a friend actaully happens and even the cruddy looking coffee shops sell a great brew. Nearly everywhere has great coffee alternatives too…my current favourite is coconut milk chai!




5. The surroundings

The blue mountains, hunter valley, national parks….so much to do at the weekend!



6. Market time

There are farmers markets all around the city all week. Also, loads of good vintage/night/clothes markets to check out.




7. Quality of life

Since the minimum wage is significantly higher than London and the likes of rent/food/utilities are lower, your quality of life is better.


8. Laid back vibe

If you know a few aussies, you might know what I mean…





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