Ragamuffins, Belize: Trip of a Lifetime!

Why am I writing this…

I’m writing this blog post for anyone thinking of visiting Belize or looking at potential active yet relaxing holiday ideas. This is my favourite thing I’ve experienced on my 5 months of travels so far so want to spread the word about how amazing our Ragamuffins tour was!

How I came about booking Ragamuffins…

Before setting off on our travels I asked my lovely friends Annie & Kaylin for their must-do advice for Central America. For Belize Annie messaged me ‘Ragamuffins 3 day sailing and snorkling tour, you catch your own fish/lobster by day and cook it up in the evening’, we were already sucked in, so as soon as we arrived in Caye Caulker we booked our places for the next departing sail boat!

What goes down on 3 days aboard?

Setting off from the extremely popular tourist destination of Caye Caulker early one morning, we sailed a beautiful Catamaran with 20 others. It was the best mixture of being active, relaxed and exciting I could imagine and every setting is just absolutely gorgeous. We finished up 2.5 days later a few hours South in another beautiful beach town called Placencia.


The mix of people on our boat was amusing. Their were honey moon couples, a 70 year old couple from New Zealand (our favorites), Frenchies, Germans , a LOT of Americans etc…. but it worked!


There was an awesome net on the front of the boat to lie down and sunbath on. Regularly I would lie down to read my book, fall asleep (as I always do) and then wake up 10 minutes later to be drenched by a massive wave!



You can grab a fishing rod from the back of the boat whenever you like and add to the night’s dinner. We caught baracudda (picture below), lobster, hog fish, mackrel & snapper!


We stopped 3 to 4 times each day to snorkel. These snorkel stops were often guided by the crew who showed us the amazing reefs and taught us about all the different fishies and wildlife! We saw lots of scary stingrays, manatees (horse of the sea I think it is better known as), starfish and even SHARKS!!! Also, on each of the two islands that you stay at you have the chance to do more snorkling if you wish, or just wander around the beautiful beaches.


You are also given the chance to spear fish which is incredibly hard and tourists tend to be useless at. However, I really enjoyed watching the crew spear fishing as they were so slick at it! They would be able to hold their breath for a minute or two in order to swim down deep and get up close to their prey!

I loved 4pm each day when you were arriving into the dock of each of the places you would be spending the night as it was so exciting to gradually see where you would be sleeping!


Each of the 2 nights you stop at a different island to sleep. The first of these was called ‘Rendezvous Caye’ and it is absolutely gorgeous.


You are given good quality tents and roll mats to sleep on and plenty of time to chill in the early evenings before dinner.


On the 2nd night, we slept on Tabacco Caye (not as remote as the previous night and there were a few other tourists and hotels but still VERY non-touristy and beautiful snorkling just off the island)


You are given completely free & unlimited rum punch (and also there are lots of other drinks you can have). Sam doesn’t really like spirits so went to the local island bar on Tabacco Caye, run by a 10 year old!  I’m not sure whether it is worse that this girl is a child working or the fact she is serving (probably drunk) tourists alcohol. Reardless… #childlabour

kid bar

The crew prepare all the meals and every single breakfast, lunch and dinner was great! Each night they cook the ‘catch of the day’ so it’s probably not ideal if you don’t like seafood! What I loved most about it is that they cook it all up in the tiniest kitchen on the boat, I have no idea how they do such a good job and keep it constantly spotlessly clean.



At 6pm ish each day the crew would make big plates of ceviche and crisps to snack on so everyone gathered round to eat & chat.


A lot of fellow travellers we chatted to were put off of doing the Ragamuffins tour because of the price (apx 450 dollars for 3 days). Personally, I think it is worth far more than 450 dolars considering all the cool stuff you do and amazing experiences you have and definitely want to do it again in years to come!


We met awesome people, including the crew who were so much fun to spend time with.



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