Curing ‘on the road’ boredom!

Travelling from place to place on buses, trains, planes, boats, etc can become tedious for anyone. Non-Westernised countries tend to come hand in hand with delays and a laid back approach to transportation and timeliness; which we have found becomes frustrating.


After hours spent on one mode of transportation it is likely your legs are feeling achey, reading makes you feel queasy and all you can think about is a nice shower and dinner when you arrive at your given destination!

Therefore, we have compiled a short list of our boredom cures which we have invented or copied from others! When we have been waiting for 2.5 hours at a highway bus stop, stuck on a coach for hours on end due to Mexican accidents or in need to increase morale as we have no idea when the next boat will come and fetch up so these are a few ideas we use during what can seem like endless bouts of time to get through!


GAME 1: Alphabet alternation

This works by firstly picking a category. Keeping it simple for this example I will choose animals.

Take it in turns to say an animal beginning with that letter. e.g.

Me: antelope

You: beaver

Me: chiuaua

and so forth until one of you takes longer than 10 seconds to come up with an animal starting with that letter. That person then gets one strike. The first who gains 3 strikes has to do the next chore (e.g. the washing)!

Remember to agree on the rules first, e.g. does this include breeds of animals, names for animal groups, famous animals etc?!

GAME 2: The O-lime-pics

I bet you never realised how many fun games can be played with a lime!?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Football
  • Keepy uppys
  • Accuracy throwing (aiming at a marker on the Wall)
  • Rounders (use your hand as a bat),

*if you cannot find a lime you could probably use something more sensible like a ball!!


GAME 3: Competitive language learning

Nearly everybody is keen to learn a new language. However, understandably it can be a challenge without having structure and self-learning can become monotonous. Therefore, we invented a little competitive game to ensure we put in effort every day to learn more words.


How does this work?

Each write down a selection of words (50-100) the day before to give yourselves a chance to learn them.

The following day, take it in turns to test each other on these new words by asking each other the English word and your partner must translate this into the given language.

You take it in turns to ask one another until that person cannot give the translation. It then switches round so the person asking becomes the person being questioned. Keep going with this alternation until one of you gets 10 in a row and therefore becomes the ‘champion’ and able to give the other a dare to do (yes, really mature!)

GAME 4: Trip Memories

Take it in turns to think of a special momento/object/place during your trip so far.

Player 1: Thinks of a specific moment/object/place.

Player 2:  Is granted 20 questions of their choice to ask to Player 1, e.g.

  • ‘Did we see this thing in Cuba?’
  • ‘Was it just us 2 there when we found this thing?’

Keep asking until either they have correctly guessed the answer (player 2 wins) or the 20 questions are up (player 1 wins)

Player 1: Can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’

A guess of what the answe is uses up 1 of the 20 questions.

As an example, the answer could be a grasshopper that we ate in Mexico!


GAME 5: Words out of words

game 2

Pick a word, in general, the longer and the more different letters it is made up of, the better.

Give yourselves 5 minutes each to come up with the most words (3 letters minimum) from this.

The one who has the most wins!


  • Cop
  • Pet
  • Hit

and so forth….!

GAME 6: Bat ‘n’ ball


Buy a cheap one of these and find an empty spot outside of the bus terminal to have a play!

Play until you get told to stop/leave.

GAME 7: Catagories

game 1

Each player needs their own pen and paper to create a grid with letters (from a to z) down the left hand collum of the page and space to write the names of 4 categories along the top.

You and your friend(s) then choose 4 categories between you e.g. a sport, a band, a country and a type of material.

Give yourselves 15 minutes and at the end swap sheets and mark these together our loud.

2 points: a word nobody else has

1 point: a Word somebody else has

Finally tot up your scores and the player with the highest number of points = winner winner chicken dinner.

GAME 8: Yahtzee

The goal of Yahtzee is to get as many points as possible by rolling combinations of five dice. You can roll up to three times, possibly choosing to just roll some of the dice each time.
After you roll, you choose which slot to use based on the combination rolled. Different combinations of dice earn points differently. If you don’t meet the requirements for the combination you choose, you will get zero points for that slot. The game ends when you have filled in all the slots in the game. The winner is the player with the most points on their scorecard. A Yahtzee is the games Holy Grail – a score of 50 points if all 5 dice are the same number and then a scream of ‘Yahtzee!!!’

Any great boredom-curing games which you have please let us know. Our selection will only suffice for another few hundred hours of bus journeys before we need something new!! xxx


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