What to do in Chiggy Wiggy!

Famous for its Millenium park concert venue, beautiful skyline and Lake Michigan and the free yet luxury accomodation a lovely friend offered to us made us very excited to visit Chiggy! 

We took an overnight bus from New York which turned out to be quite an experience; we were the only English speaking people amongst 100 Chinese who didn’t seem to understand it is impolite to have screaming phone conversations at 2am and the journey was 4 hours longer than we were sold, however it was sort of fun to not know what the hell was going on and be rapidly awoken and told we had 2 mins to change bus mid journey!

We were surprised how Finance orientated the main City of Chicago is and many travellers don’t seem to find the amazing suberbs and less touristy things to do. we had  so much fun during our 10 day stay! A few of our best Chicago traveller finds are as follows:

Live Music Venues
The standard of talent is phenomenal and so many different genres to pick from every night, jazz, blues, indie, piano… 
My favourite was Howl at the Moon piano bar which is purely based on audience requests, they can play absolutely anything!


Millenium Park

Many different areas to explore and lots going on. As you can see below my favourite area was the kids play park, not just for the big slide, but the views were great too!  

Hire bikes

Personally I think the bike hire system is nowhere near as effective as London’s Boris bikes but it is still worth doing. Mind though, you do need to dock the bikes every 30 mins to avoid surcharges. 

Find accomodation in outskirts , e.g in the Ukranian area

Air bnb has never once failed for us…

John Hancock Tower

Going up to The Signature Room for a drink is the cheapest way to visit!


 Views are incredible. Strangely, they are best from the ladies toilets, this is the snap I took from the loos…  

Buy food from supermarkets

They do great ‘buy to go’ food too!  


Home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. They play apx 3 nights a week during the season and you can buy super cheap tickets.
We head to Wrigley ville a few hours before the match to explore and have some pre match drinks, well worth doing to get in the spirit!  

 Lincoln Park Zoo  

Free entry. Not the best zoo I’ve visited but nice to go for a few hours to see the lions & reptiles:

Big Star 

Fab place for beers & tacos!
Chicago style pizza 

Will last you 4 meals if you are a big eater!  



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