Amazing New Orleans

Before arriving, my main perception of New Orleans was jazz music + natural disaster + bourbon, all of which I found to be key parts of the culture. We would walk out of our suburban accomodation at 9am to be greeted by locals, sipping their cans and listening to their tunes on the terrace, what a life…

However, there were also so many more amazing prilt-scoveries to be ha there. Our top 10 discoveries of New Orleans…’NOLA’ if you wanna be a cool dude 😉 are as follows:

1. Frenchmen Street

Located minutes from the French Quarter tourist trap, Frenchmen offers a far more authentic NOLA experience. There always seems to be something interesting going on along Frenchmen, including; quirky night markets, street performers and an eclectic array of music.

One night we were strolling down and a brass band started playing in the middle of the street. Shortly after a crazy old guy started dancing along and we had a little jiggle too! 


2. Art:

Although I don’t really know my stuff when it comes to art, New Orleans has  shown me art from a different perspective, such as the street art night markets and the crazy yet tasteful graffiti around the city!  


3. Cabildo Museum

A great place to learn about slavery, New Orleans’ origin and the variety of cultures that make it such a unique place.

Entry is only $4 and the building interior is pretty spectacular!


4. NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art) 

An absolutely spectacular building and if you pretend you live in New Orleans (just provide a fake post code at the front desk) you can go for free on a Wednesday!


5. Drinking on the street

Complete legal in NOLA which makes it feel like a constant party 🙂

You can wander the streets, ‘hurricane‘ in hand for hours whilst not having to commit to any bar and take on the FOMO feeling  that comes with doing some!

6. The Cemetaries

See the beautiful tombs built above ground.

We  one of the smaller local ones and it was amazing but I can imagine the larger ones such as St Louis would be even more spectacular.  

7. City Park

Personally, I think it is far more picturesque than NYC’s Central Park; with pretty lakes, water sport areas and great picnic spots.

We stopped at one of the local seafood shops called Captain Sid’s and bought supplies for a picnic, it was lovely!

8. Music, everywhere! 

Just walk the streets, sit in Washington park or the main plaza and there is always some sort of music going on.

One night we were even serenaded by a homeless guy who had a terrific voice in the main plaza:


9. Spitfire Coffee

This cute little place undoubtedly sells the best coffee we’ve ever tasted. They say their coffees don’t need milk or sweeteners to taste amazing, I was sceptical but they proved their point. The problem though is that every coffee since is a disappointment in comparison!

Here is their website, the guys who run Spitfire are great too!

10. Randomness

We were visiting over 4th May when, inevitably, there was a Star Wars parade going on!

I loved how seriously they take it, not sure they appreciated our laughs and picture taking though… 

Overall, we thought NOLA was unreal, there is so much beautiful stuff to see and do and the vibe is constantly uplifting, maybe the best place I’ve  seen so far in America! 


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