Trip Advisor: why so amazing?

Quick tips to plan your trips…

Restaraunts, bars, live music venues, tourist attractions, where to buy good coffee, etc, can all become challenging decisions during the tough life of a traveller. 

Visiting company websites and you’re faced with overly positive & unrealistic sales pitches, often an inaccurate representation of what the given attraction actually offers. 

Therefore, I think Trip Advisor is an amazing tool, amalgamating personal recommendations from locals and travellers alike at the touch of your smartphone.

You probably already use it on a regular basis, in fact, almost 70% of travellers do. However, how can it best be used whilst on the go?

Sam’s tips for using Trip Advisor:

1) First of all I’d suggest downloading the app as it is much easier to use than on a mobile browser.

2) Use the ‘nearby’ function which automatically accesses your location and picks out the best places for you close by.

3) Take into account who the reviews you read have been written by, are they like minded people? E.g. nationality, stage in life, expectations may all be impactful on their reviews

4) Take a look at the negative reviews e.g the 1 or 2 ratings. For example we saw some ridiculously irrational reviews, rating places a 1/5 on the basis that they were not allowed in due to not having ID/they didn’t stock the drink they liked/they hated the piano bar as it was not the traditional piano music they were used to.

4) Before you set off use the app to download the maps for the cities you are off to visit. Then whilst away, even without wifi, you can use these maps, ratings & info for the given maps you have downloaded!

5) Add reviews yourself because it is fun and easy to do e.g take a look at our pretty funny, very punny review of a pancake house we visited here.😊


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